Маслозавод Южный полюс
Маслозавод Южный полюс

The products of the OOO YUZHNY POLYUS oil plant are well known in the Krasnodar region, in Russia and abroad.

We produce top grade sunflower oil in accordance with GOST 1129-2013.

Our products are sold under the brand names " YUZHNY POLYUS ", "Krasnodar Selected", "Live Amber", "Fryer".

Also we sell cake sunflower granulated.

The pledge of quality of our production is application of modern technologies and wide experience of manufacture of sunflower oil.

Our production cycle begins with acceptance of quality sunflower seeds from proven suppliers, and ends with the supply of finished products in Russia, CIS countries or abroad.

Each buyer receives all necessary documents: TTN, CMR, declaration of conformity, quality certificate or health certificate. The full list of documents is specified in the contract.